Boundary Line Survey

  • Define the Borders of Your Property
    Boundary line surveying services for Newnan, GA & the Atlanta metro area
    A boundary survey will determine formal property lines and corners for a particular plot of land. Boundary surveys are extremely important, as they:

    Provide clarity for property owners and neighborsDetermine proper lines for new construction projects Show and settle any encroachment issues

    When you need to know your boundary lines, call Harbuck Land Surveyors, Inc. for your property stamp of approval. Our crew will complete an accurate survey of your land to provide valuable information regarding where your property starts and begins.

    Whether you need to settle a dispute or determine your boundary lines for a new project, call Harbuck Land Surveyors of Newnan, GA for assistance in the Atlanta metro area.
    Get the information you need before you start building
    Our surveys are conducted in accordance with the standard set forth by the state. Our Newnan, GA survey crew will provide a prompt and accurate final report so you can get funding for your project, settle any land discrepancies or ensure the title of the land. Call Harbuck Land Surveyors as soon as possible to get started.
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