FEMA Elevation Certification

  • Give Your Insurance Company the Right Information
    FEMA elevation certificates for flood insurance in Newnan, GA & metro Atlanta
    Does your property lie in a 100-year flood plan? You will be asked to provide a FEMA Elevation Certificate to determine the amount of flood insurance you need for your property. Harbuck Land Surveyors can verify that your structure is eligible for flood insurance by offering professional surveying services. We'll determine if your structure lies below or above proper elevation levels so you can provide the right information to your insurance company.

    For an accurate assessment of your property in Atlanta or Newnan, Georgia, call Harbuck Land Surveyors as soon as possible for assistance.
    Does your property have an elevation certificate?
    Harbuck Land Surveyors can conduct elevation reports for residential and commercial properties. If your property has no elevation certificate on file and lies in a flood zone according to FEMA, call our specialists as soon as possible. Your lender will request that you obtain this certification to keep your insurance premiums low and protect you in case of a disaster. Call Harbuck Land Surveyors right away for your possible flood insurance needs in Newnan, GA and surrounding areas.
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