Topographic Survey

  • Determine the Physicality of Your Property
    Schedule your topographic survey in Newnan, GA or metro Atlanta
    Harbuck Land Surveyors, Inc. can complete a formal survey of your property to determine both the horizontal and vertical features of the land. Often referred to as a “contour” survey, a topographic survey will reveal vital information about the lay of a piece of land. Harbuck Land Surveyors will collect valuable details about your property to give you a heads-up about potentially dangerous grounds. Contact our surveyors today to schedule your topographic survey.
    Take a close look at your property’s layout
    You need to arrange a topographic survey before you complete any landscaping and construction project on a property. Harbuck Land Surveyors will:

    Examine natural elements (trees, bodies of water, elevation)
    Examine man-made elements (roads, lots, buildings)
    Compile this information in a formal document for you or your contractor
    Whether you’re building a home or adding hardscaping features around your building, you need to arrange a topographic survey before breaking ground on your project. Call Harbuck Land Surveyors today to examine the elevation of your Newnan or Atlanta, GA property.
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