Tree Survey

  • Make an Informed Decision Before Your Build
    Schedule a tree survey of your Newnan & Atlanta property
    Before you break ground on your project, you need to conduct a survey of the trees on the property. A detailed tree survey will provide you with information about the trees on your plot of land so you can make the right decisions about your project. Harbuck Land Surveyors, Inc. can conduct the mandatory tree survey you need.
    Why do you need to know about the trees on your property?
    No contractor should come in and tear down any trees on your property without the right information. Harbuck Land Surveyors compiles comprehensive information about your trees into an easy-to-read document. Here are a few reasons to call our surveyors today:

    1. Some trees might be infected or falling soon.
    2. Some trees are illegal to tear down.
    3. Many trees could be beneficial to your property.

    With the right information, you can make the proper decisions moving forward for your construction or landscaping projects. At Harbuck Land Surveyors, a tree survey comes with our topographic survey services. But when you need a standalone description of the trees on your Newnan or metro Atlanta property, call Harbuck Land Surveyors, Inc. for assistance.
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