Build Your Cellphone Tower Hassle-Free

Ensure you have the right property for your cellphone tower

Before any cellular or telecommunication towers can be built on a piece of land, the property has to be surveyed by a professional licensed surveyor. If you are trying to get a cellular tower up, then you want to work with a surveyor who is well-versed in the regulations of telecommunications building.

Harbuck Land Surveyors, Inc. has years of experience helping telecommunication companies survey their land. We know exactly what to look for and we can get the job done accurately. Call us today if you need your property surveyed for a telecommunications tower.

Why do you need experienced surveyors for your property?

When you’re surveying your property for a telecommunications tower, precision and accuracy are essential. If your surveyor makes a tiny miscalculation, you could be breaking federal regulations.

Harbuck Land Surveyors has the skills and experience needed to perform the survey properly. With pinpoint accuracy, we will:

  •             Define the limits of the lease area
  •             Identify the ingress-egress easement
  •             Establish the longitude and latitude
  •             Prepare a topographic survey of the property
  •             Place monuments at the lease area’s corners


If you need quick, affordable and accurate mapping services, then contact us right away for more information.