Fence Line Survey

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    Fence line surveying services for Newnan, GA & the Atlanta metro area
    Do you want to install a fence around your property? Before you start installing posts, make sure you know the actual boundary lines of your property. Harbuck Land Surveyors, Inc. offers fence line surveying services for property owners in Newnan and Atlanta, GA. By contacting a professional land surveyor before your fence installation, you can:

    Understand your property boundaries Avoid encroachment issues with your neighbors Save time and money

    No one wants to get into a fight with their neighbor. Before you hire a fence contractor or decide to install a fence yourself, call Harbuck Land Surveyors as soon as possible before you start on your project.
    Do not rely on property pins
    While property corners are useful for many building projects, you cannot simply rely on them for a fence. Even an inch into your neighbor's property can cause a headache for you, your contractor or your neighbors. Do not let that happen. Call Harbuck Land Surveyors as soon as possible to determine your exact property lines in Newnan, GA.
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